Sponsoring Institution: Student Research Foundation

Type: Detailed Community Service Initiative Scholarship

Eligibility:  US High School students in grades 9-12 are eligible to submit ideas for community service initiatives that they feel would benefit their community.

Application Deadline: Late July. Winners are likely announced in August since winnings for the Community Contribution Scholarship are paid to post-secondary institutions for the first term following the awarding of the prize…which in some cases will be September. Check out some of the past winners!

Highlight: Are you a high schooler with a passion for aiding others? In particular, are you keenly aware of problems in your community and maybe even thinking about ways to address them? If so, the SRF Community Contribution Scholarship might be the perfect fit for you. If you are a high school student living in the U.S. who recognizes and is looking to solve a problem in your community, then you are the perfect candidate for the Community Contribution Scholarship. In order to apply for the Community Contribution Scholarship, just write down your thoughts to create a plan of action you feel would help your community. Not only do you become eligible for some pretty sweet cash prizes: $1500 to $7,000 for your first term of post-secondary education, but you can also add a solid experience to your resume, and quite possibly a valuable solution to your community! It’s a win-win…win situation! So if serving others in your community is your jam, don’t hesitate to give the Community Contribution Scholarship a shot and apply now!

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