Sponsoring Institution: Club Thrifty

Type: Essay scholarship

Eligibility: To apply for this scholarship, students must be American citizens who are currently enrolled in their senior year of high school or a post-secondary program.

Application Deadline: June 30th, 2020. The winner of the scholarship will be announced at the beginning of August.

Highlight: Are you a person that is very aware of their financial needs? “Thrifty,” perhaps? A person that looks for scholarships to fit your financial plans? Well then, the Club Thrifty Scholarship  is probably the perfect scholarship for you! The Club Thrifty Scholarship asks you to share your financial plans for minimizing student debt for a chance to win $1,000 to cover educational expenses! Student loan debt has been a major concern amongst students everywhere who are struggling with creating future financial plans. The Club Thrifty Scholarship program helps raise awareness about students’ financial situation by asking them to share their financial plans in an essay about saving money during their college years. Even if you don’t win the scholarship, you’ll gain valuable knowledge about creating a financial plan that will help you save money anyway! So… definitely think about the cost saving value of simply applying and…just do it!


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