Sponsoring Institution: Clip Studio

Type: Art Contest

Eligibility: Must be in grades 9-12 and have a school email that can be used for the application

Application Deadline: April 8

Highlight: Are you a fan of illustration and a budding artist yourself? Then Clip Studio’s Manga Contest is perfect for you! This manga contest gives students from around the world the chance to submit their work for up to $3,300 in cash along with other prizes. To register, teachers must register the school they belong to, and students can enter their school ID in the submission portal. Don’t be worried if you’re a homeschool student as you’re eligible to apply as well! Each year, the theme of this manga contest is applied to all six categories. The categories you’re able to submit to this manga contest are comic, manga, bande dessinee, webtoon, storyboard (based on one of the given manuscripts), and illustration. Now for the most exciting part, the prizes! Firstly, for the comic, manga, bande dessinee, and webtoon categories, the overall grand prize winner gets $3,300 and a Wacom Cintiq Pro 16 drawing tablet. The first place winner of each of the categories gets $1,700 and a 13.3” Wacom One Creative Pen Display drawing tablet. For the storyboard category, the first place winner is awarded with $2,200 and a 13.3” Wacom One Creative Pen Display drawing tablet. Finally, the first place of the illustration category is awarded with $550 and a Wacom One Creative Pen Display drawing tablet as well. As an additional bonus, there are 3-5 runner ups for each category who are awarded with three years of Clip Studio EX, along with all the other winners of this manga contest. Applicants are able to either draw on paper and digitally scan it for their submission, or enter with digital art. So, do you think you’re ready to get your artwork judged by some of the biggest names in the business? Grab your artistic medium, get those creative juices flowing, and get started before the application deadline in early April.

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