Sponsoring Institution: Spellman

Type: Sustainability Contest

Eligibility: any student between 15 and 18 years of age. There is no geographical restriction (as they say)

Application Deadline: Late April

Highlight: We all know the routine research suggested by scientists that we’re running out of petroleum and wood while social and economic issues continue to plague our modern society. The Clean Tech Sustainability contest invites students between the ages 15 to 18 to bring their innovative ideas to promote a sustainable future. Contestants first participate in a paper submission round where they identify a problem and explain its impact on various sectors of our society (economics, environment etc.). A detailed timeline for this sustainability contest around what you need to submit and when  can be found in the embedded link. Participants must include the scale of impact, causes of the problem and design an innovative solution using clean tech to present in this sustainability contest. Click on the following links or more details on how this contest works, as well as for its rules and regulations. The teams that qualify for the semi-finals of this sustainability contest receive a $200 stipend to prepare a prototype of their idea, and can find details of what to do for, and how to submit that, here. Prospective participants for this sustainability contest can also find information on scoring  here. Over $22,000 is given to the winners of this sustainability contest, and how those awards are distributed can be found here. Still have questions? Contact the organizers of this sustainability contest or check out their FAQ page! For more inspiration, check out the finalists this year or past competitions! The application deadline is Late April, so what are you waiting for? Apply now and bring your creative innovations to the table of a sustainable future.

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