Sponsoring Institution: Chopin Foundation of the United States

Type: Renewable scholarship/Music scholarship

Eligibility: 14 to 17 years old US pianists

Application Deadline: May 15TH

Highlight:  Calling all pianists! The Chopin Foundation is offering a renewable $1,000 a year scholarship award to 14-17 year olds who are seriously interested in the complex art of playing a piano. This musical scholarship is open to budding  competitive pianists in a sequential structure annually over the course of four years. The idea is to provide foundational support to pianists in preparation for the National  Chopin Piano Competition (held every 5 years). There are different assignments required for each year, and  you can even opt to  skip a year or two and still be eligible. Here’s an idea of what we mean by “required assignments” each year:  Year 1 of this musical scholarship, requires applicants to submit two Etudes, two Nocturnes, and your choice of: a Ballade, or Scherzo, or Barcarole in F-sharp Major.  If you know what these are, you might as well apply for this musical scholarship as you never know if you don’t try. Beyond the actual repertoire requirements, there is just a very small $30 application fee, a statement of career goals (let’s face it, if you have the repertoire, you got this!), and two recommendations from piano teachers or professional piano performers. Winning pianists win $1000 RENEWABLE scholarship— meaning if they keep on playing and progressing and submitting they will get $1000 for the next 3 years as well!  The middle of May is the deadline for this musical scholarship, so make a concerted effort and apply! If anyone deserves this musical scholarship, it’s you!

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