Sponsoring Institution: Stuttgart Chamber of Commerce

Type: Scholarship contest 

Eligibility: Any high school senior is eligible to participate in the Chick and Sophie Miller Memorial duck-calling contest. 

Application Deadline: Simply show up to the event in Stuttgart, Arkansas and register in person. 

Highlight: In the event you always wanted to know, or had any doubt, we can officially confirm that yes , there is a scholarship for duck calling! If this comes as a relief, then you probably already know what duck calling takes (hint: you have to learn and practice, the way you’d learn an instrument). If you don’t know, check out some basic calls you might want to think about mastering before heading on out to Arkansas to participate! If you have this unique talent under your wing, why not strut your stuff—and have a chance to earn scholarship money while you’re at it?  Head on down to the Stuttgart Duck Festival in Stuttgart, Arkansas, where the famous annual World’s Championship Duck Calling Contest is held annually (except in years when there is a global pandemic; think of it as a bit of extra practice time??). Meet enthusiasts like yourself and try your hand at duck calling in this competition made just for high school seniors.


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