Sponsoring Institution: CellWaves Wireless

Type: Essay Scholarship

Eligibility: Must be accepted to or enrolled as a current undergraduate student.in in a college, community college, trade school , or vocational education institution. Must be a US student attending or accepted to a US postsecondary institution to apply for this essay scholarship

Application Deadline:  May 1st, 2020 for this essay scholarship contest

Highlight: This is a perfect opportunity to make some extra money with an essay scholarship to help pay for school. If you love writing and you have a passion for wireless communication and ideas for advancements to help push it into the future, this essay scholarship is right up your alley! Cell Waves is looking for a moderate-sized essay, no more than 1,000 words (that’s a $1.00 a word — seems like a  pretty good deal, eh?!) that showcases your potential and insight and opens up the dialogue for furthering the field. They want your take on how wireless communication may evolve in the next ten years. The topics for this essay scholarship range from Political Implications to Social Advancements to Wireless Device Evolution  — and you get to choose the one that speaks to you!. And… possibly more great news: the Cell Waves essay scholarship winner isn’t chosen based on use of bigger words, or better grades, or more awards, or even acceptance to a particular school. This essay scholarship contest  is all about giving you chance to shine. Show your passion and creativity in any way you see fit when writing for this essay scholarship for a real chance to win. The winner will be announced July 31st and the funds for the winner will be deposited by August 31st —  so turnaround for the winner of this essay scholarship contest is lightning quick! 😉

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