Sponsoring Institution: Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program (CDPAP) of Edison Home Health Care

Type: Healthcare Essay scholarship

• Over 18 years old
• U.S citizen
• Must be currently enrolled in college, university, or an educational institution

Application Deadline: End of August 

Highlight: Are you a current college student looking for ways to help fund your tuition? Well look no further. The CDPAP Department of Edison Home Health Care is offering an essay scholarship for $1000. For a chance to win this essay scholarship, you will get the opportunity to write a 500 – 1,000 word essay that discusses what you would do to improve the health care system. You have the freedom to cover any topic that relates to improving healthcare including patient psychological well-being, systemic issues, or even specialty areas. For this essay scholarship, it is important to keep in mind that it must be your original work and you cannot use any work that has been previously published or submitted for any contest or promotion. They do stress citing good research, so do your own research and there are some tools that you can check out where you can find reliable academic journals that we have compiled on our website under Resources>Research and Writing Tools section. If you are selected as the winner for this essay scholarship, you will be contacted via email or phone and your name will be displayed on their website. Remember, an essay is meant for a way to express yourself and share your way of thinking with others, so be creative and don’t shy away from thinking outside the box. What are you waiting for? Get a healthy head start on sharing your thoughts on how you might improve the current healthcare system and organize apply before the end of August deadline!

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