Sponsoring Institution: California Contractors Insurance Services

Type: Essay Contest

Eligibility: To enter this construction scholarship, students must be graduating high school seniors, currently enrolled college students, or trade school students in the United States.

Application Deadline: July 31st, 2021

Highlight:The construction industry is a vital industry to the world. Without construction we would not have different facilities, like hospitals, schools, or even roads, highways, and the list goes on! Construction also thrives on technology, an important aspect of society today. As technology advances, machine efficiency and material reliability increase, but like any industry, there is still room for improvement. The CCIS Future Contractor Scholarship is a construction scholarship that invites students to develop their own solution to these construction issues through an app! To enter this construction scholarship, students will be required to write a tight 250-500 word essay on their app and the construction industry issue it would solve. Remember, someone once said, “your imagination is a weapon of mass construction.” The winner of this construction scholarship will be determined through a public poll, so get creative! Start building your essay for this construction scholarship today for a chance to communicate your great ideas to people who would definitely be interested AND for a chance to win $750 towards your education expenses!

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