Sponsoring Institution: Cancer Pathways

Type: Essay Contest

Eligibility: US Students of grades 9-12 are eligible for this writing contest

Application Deadline: The application deadline for this essay contest is Early March

Highlight: Learning of a cancer diagnosis, either your own or your loved one’s, can be devastating. However, even in the face of suffering, humanity has seen incredible tales of strength and perseverance. This writing contest invites students of grades 9-12 to share their experience of learning of either their own cancer diagnosis or their loved ones. For this writing contest, participants must write a 1,500-word essay for a chance to earn $1000 in prize money. You can read past winning essays here and gain an insight into how to organize your thoughts and feelings. The application deadline is early March, so apply now for this writing contest! Still, have questions? Email them at paige@cancerpathways.org with your doubts. Finally, cancer is a devastating disease, and we at building-U want to let you know that you are not alone. We sincerely pray for you and your loved ones to get through this tough time and extend condolences to those who have lost their lives fighting this disease. Remember, there is always help.


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