Sponsoring Institution: Black Business and Professional Association 

Type: Need & Merit-based scholarships for Black Canadian youth

Eligibility:  Black Canadian students graduating high school with other criteria depending on the particular scholarship. Applicable colleges/universities also vary by award.

Application Deadline: Annual applications open in March; winners are notified in August.

Highlight:  The BBPA (Black Business and Professional Association) promotes academic achievement and ongoing success by offering a range of post-secondary scholarships for eligible Black Canadian youth. If this describes your demographic, go check out the options, because there’s a good chance one of the 46+ scholarships they award Black Canadian students could be right for you! In addition to granting the more standard academic excellence or community leadership awards, there’s a healthy residence lifestyle award, one for studying Real Estate or Entrepreneurship, one for being the first member of your family to pursue post-secondary education, and another for pursuing post secondary education as a member of a single parent family. There are several more career or major-based scholarships as well; one in STEM subjects, one in Law Enforcement, several in Business, and even one in Fine Arts… Some awards offer summer employment and some can be renewed for up to 4 years! Well worth a quick click to take a look! 

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