Sponsoring Institution: Biopage

Type: Writing Contest

Eligibility: The contest is open to anyone from everywhere, every country, every corner of the world.

Application Deadline: End of January 

Highlight: Creative writing is a great way to get your feelings across. All it takes is a pen and paper—or even a laptop or your phone—and your feelings! Are you interested in writing? Well, do I have a writing contest calling your name! Let me introduce you to the Biopage Storytelling Writing Contest. You must create a story up to 5,000 characters long, or roughly 1,000 words. It is encouraged that you use a picture and/or short video in your story, but it’s not necessary. To be eligible for this writing contest, you must create a profile with Biopage, write a bio, and set your profile to Public. When you’re done and confident in your story, click “Update” and post it! Then, copy the web address of your post, click “Enter the Contest” and submit the link! That’s it, you’re in! The best part is that this writing contest is open to anyone from anywhere, and you can write about just about anything! Please read this page for more clear instructions. The winning participant will win $300, and the next five runner-ups will win $100! The winners will be determined by the quality of the writing, and the votes by other user’s likes and comments. The submission deadline is late January. So, are you ready to enter? If so, pick out your best story and enter in Biopage’s Storytelling Writing Contest! I know I am!

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