Sponsoring Institution: Bardsy

Type: Essay Scholarship

Any aspiring writer ..no age limit. No restrictions on location that we see. Submission must br u tdglishust must be in English

Application Deadline:

Have you ever had an idea for a novel that could potentially be a bestseller? Are you interested in potentially winning cash prizes and obtaining feedback for your writing? If so, the Bardsy Anthology Contest is just for you. In this competition, writers will need to submit the first chapter of their in-progress novel or memoir. This should be unpublished work that is between 2500 to 3000 words. The primary goal is to create a sample that makes readers interested in buying your novel. The grand prize is $1000 and an anthology publication. All finalists will receive $50 and an anthology publication, as well. The contest is also open to any aspiring writer! Although Bardsy is an organization that offers member services like workshops and writing resources for a fee, you do not have to be a member to enter this contest… There is a small fee for entering the contest ($20), but there are multiple chances to win prizes and they offer feedback on your submission as well. If you are a non member entering the contest, click https://bardsy.com/signup-special then follow the instructions for the members. .Be sure to follow all of the directions and don’t hesitate to communicate with them about any questions you have CONTEST@BARDSY.COM, or technical issues you are facing (213) 465-0885. The contest deadline is mid-January So what are you waiting for? End off the year by beginning the next chapter of your writing journey with the Bardsy Anthology Contest!

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