Sponsoring Institution: ARD

Type: International Music competition

• Harp, double bass, piano, or viola musicians age 17 to 35… Live competition is held in September. The deadline for registration is in March (applications open in February)
• 4 rounds of competition are mandatory for all categories of the competition.

Highlight: Are you a young musician looking to gain international exposure for your talent? Then the ARD Music Competition is a  contest you might want to investigate! This music competition is open to musicians around the world between the ages of 17 and 35 who play either the harp, double bass, piano, or viola.  All rounds of the competition are held live in Munich. The application is pretty simple: submit a video recording of you playing the instrument and the specified piece   along with the registration fee of €10. Once your application is successfully submitted, you would then pay the participation fee of €90 for soloists and €140 for piano trios. Then it’s off to Munich. For the first round of competition, there will be recommended accommodation, but contestants will have to cover those costs. From the second round on all accommodation and meals will be covered for qualifying contestants (this does not include accompanyists or companions). There is a pdf on the application page that details the particular pieces and requirements for each round of each category — which not surprisingly will include playing with a full orchestra The prizes for this music competition are extensive and can include prize money (….for the harp, double bass, and viola categories, the prizes are €10000, €7500, and €5000. …for the piano trio category, the prizes are €18000, €13500, and €9000!) , concert  invitations, and recording contracts. Applicants compete in the first round, second round independently and then in the semifinals with the Munich Chamber Orchestra without a conductor, and then in the finals with a full orchestra and conductor.  This is quite an opportunity to step up to the next level and perform in a world renowned setting with international competitors. Check out the past winners! So, if you’ve been looking for something like this now, or just excited to know it exists to set it as a goal for the future click on the link, make a note to watch some of the live stream this year, and learn more about what it takes to be prepared to apply when it’s opens and when you’re ready!

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