Sponsoring Institution: Anishort 

Type: Video competition and film festival

Eligibility: Any applicant can join and do this competition

Application Deadline: Early June

Highlight: Do you like making animated films and want to participate in an international competition? Anishort is the right international film festival for you! This international film festival consists of two categories. The main competition category will be awarded to the best animated short film, where you can win $1000 (1st place) or $500 (2nd place) in prizes. The judges will be from different countries worldwide, including the cities where the international film festival is held, like the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Estonia, and Poland. The secondary competition category includes the Audience Award for the Best Film, which is chosen by the audience, and the Special Award of Anishort, which is selected by the Art Commission for this international film festival. Winners of this category in the international film festival win festival trophies! The topic for your short animated film can be anything you like, and should not exceed 10 minutes. There are a few more rules and regs that you might want top be aware of, though — check those out here. Up to 20 selected films will be featured during the international film festival that is held in various selected cities each year. Keep in mind the deadline is the beginning of June and the international film festival will be held in mid-September. So, draw upon your animation skills and APPLY for FREE asap!

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