Sponsoring Institution: The Walrus

Type: Writing award

Eligibility: Youth Category: 13-17 year olds
Adult Category: over 17 year olds

Application Deadline:  Submissions for both categories are due at the end of January!

Highlight: Are you a young aspiring writer or a passionate adult novelist that wants to push your passion for writing that little bit further? Well then The Amazon Canada First Novel Award would be perfect for you! This writing contest consists of two categories: The Youth Short Story Category and the Adult Novel Category, ensuring whatever your age you could have the opportunity to further your love for writing. All you have to do for this writing contest is submit a fictional story by 5pm est January 31st. And if you’re competing in the Youth Short story category just make sure you get the parental consent form submitted along with the Youth Author’s 3000-word story submission. So why not get your best story judged by a professional panel of judges in this writing contest and be in for a chance to win a cash prize and also a chance to publish your work for more people to enjoy! The winner of the Adult Novel Category in this writing contest will receive $60,000, with finalists receiving $6,000. Participants of the Youth Short Story category will receive $5,000 and a mentorship lunch with The Walrus editors. Make sure to check out the rules of this writing contest before you apply and then submit your future-changing work by January 31st to be in for a chance to receive some feedback and possibly a cash prize too! It is said that “Fiction writing is great. You can make up almost anything!” so start your story today through this writing contest and make up your future!

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