Sponsoring Institution: Fraser Institute

Type: Essay Contest

Students in Canada or Canadian students abroad (9th grade and up!)

Application Deadline: Mid June

Highlight: Calling all the writers in 9th grade and up from Canada! Frasier Institute has a new essay writing contest for you. This essay writing contest challenges participants to write an essay on the response that they think Adam Smith, the father of Economics, would give to a recent chapter of history or a current Canadian policy issue. There are a few rules of this contest, of course, which can be found here. First prize winners of this essay writing contest get $1,500, 2nd place winners get $1,000, and 3rd place winners get $500. These are cash prizes, so they don’t have to go toward books or tuition – but let’s just say, right off the bat, that quite apart from any financial renumeration this is an excellent thought exercise for anyone considering further study in local or global economies, politics, or policies. You can take a look at some former winners’ essays from this essay writing contest here. So if you’re passionate and interested in political affairs and have a knack for creativity and writing I suggest you apply to this essay writing contest! The deadline is mid-June!

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