Sponsoring Institution: American Association of Physics Teachers  (AAPT)

Type: Physics Photography Contest

Application Deadline: Mid-May

Highlight: Do you ever find it hard to find an activity that successfully combines some of your diverse interests? Well look no further! If you love the beautiful art of photography and the intricate subject of physics, then this physics photo contest is for you! Whether you are fully versed in these subjects or only have a small interest, you will love this competition because you get hands-on experience, learning more and also executing what you already know, in photography and physics. Any highschooler around the world can participate and compete in this physics contest against over 1,000 of their peers around the world.
Photographs can either be natural (involving everyday situations that may demonstrate a variety of physics concepts) or contrived (set up to show a particular physics concept or related set of concepts). The entries will be judged by a committee of physics teachers, 60% on the quality of the photo and 40% on the accuracy of the physics in the explanation that accompanies the photograph. Through this physics contest, you also have a chance to connect and bond with your teacher, as your teacher must register you for the competition; home-schooled students are welcome , too, ofc! After you are registered, you will receive an email and a place to submit your photographs and explanations.
Enter this physics contest by mid May to be eligible, gain valuable hands-on experience, and utilize your physics and photography skills! Form unforgettable bonds with those around you and sharpen your observation and communication skills through this contest!


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