Sponsoring Institution: Globe Soup

Type: Writing Contest

Eligibility: Must be 18 or over!…but you can be from anywhere!

Application Deadline: Varies

Highlight: Looking for a way to test your writing skills in a fun, exciting way? Well, look no further! The 7 Day Story Writing Contest combines the skill of writing with the thrill of competition. Anyone over 18 can apply for this writing contest. Essentially, registrants will be divided randomly into 12 groups Each group will receive a genre of writing and a secret theme after registering.  Possible genres include dystopian, crime, historical, and romance. Each participant will receive the same theme, but it is up to you to interpret it in the genre to which they’ve been randomly assigned, in a creative way. To register for this writing contest, click here. You then have seven days to write a short story in under 2000 words in your assigned genre. Each challenge features a new theme, so if you feel uninspired by the theme, you can wait until the next one! Challenges happen throughout the year – there is no mention of a set frequency, but we are reaching out to ask about that. To see some past winners, click here. To view the rules of this writing contest, click here. There is one overall winner of each challenge that is picked amongst all the genres. But, you also have a chance to be recognized as a finalist or given an honourable mention, too! The winner of the challenge receives a 500-pound prize! And, entry is free, so applying is super accessible. Well, what are you waiting for? Pick a month to apply, pick up your pencil, and write away!

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