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I have no idea what I want to do, and you don’t have any programs on what I want to study. Can you help me?

For sure — our database isn’t meant to be completely comprehensive, but the program options can give you ideas about what fields are even out there, and we can also put you in touch with opportunities that’ll give you a chance to try out different experiences to help you determine what it is that you’ll really love pursuing. We’ve also got super responsive team members who can meet with you one-on-one and work with you in whatever way that can help you be most effective for you! We know there’s a program out there somewhere that will get you excited, and we’d love the challenge of helping you find it!

I’m pretty sure about where I want to go but I'm not sure what I want to study? Can you still help me?

Absolutely! Our team is all about helping you sort through the myriad of options and discover which one may be the best fit for you: from the big picture of choosing what type of post-secondary path can fit your interests and contribute to your future goals, down to the details of determining which programs and concentrations might fit best with your circumstances, and timeline. Shoot us a message so we can set up a meeting and discuss possibilities – we’d love to hear from you.

My parents want me to live at home and commute to school because of costs, but I’d like to at least look at other options. Can you help me find options I can show to my parents?

We love helping students and parents communicate about their ideas for post-secondary situations, so we can definitely meet with you and find programs that have cost-effective options for living situations — it’s all about thinking outside the box around here and our experienced team can brainstorm, research, compare, and plan with you and your family so that everyone feels clear about all of the available options before making a decision.

Do you help students with evaluating choices once they've already received acceptance letters/offers of admission to postsecondary programs? And if so, how?

Maybe you’re picking up on this as you read, but YES, we are here to help with any and every part of sorting through post-secondary options, AND in a way that can work for you. We can definitely pair you up with an expert team member who can help to come up with a strategy that allows you to identify and communicate your big picture goals and dreams (if you know those) as well as any questions, preferences, and concerns you have to help you manage and address them in a way that gives you confidence to take ownership of the decisions you make.

What are other options if I'm interested in continuing to learn and grow post high school, but don't want to get a traditional undergrad degree right now (or possibly at all)?

Our database may have some great ideas under both the “programs” and “ opportunities” prongs, because there are SO many options for people who don’t want to follow the typical 4-year-program route and would rather explore interning in a field they’d eventually want to work in, completing a certificate for something more hands-on, or learning in a more open-ended context entirely. Reach out to us and let us know if you’d like to set up a one-on-one meeting with someone from the building-U team who can help you in a more individualized context to connect you with opportunities to learn and grow and pursue your future dreams outside of the maybe more typical university & college streams.

What are the advantages or disadvantages of a gap year between high school and college? Do you have suggestions for ways to use this year besides just a regular job?

Everyone’s path looks a bit different of course, so for some taking a gap year to gain experience, figure out where to go next or what to pursue, or simply to make extra cash is the right fit. For others, the momentum of going straight from high school to college is what they need to keep their interest and curiosity for learning going. Even what is considered an advantage or a disadvantage can vary from person to person. We would love to hear your thoughts, and be a part of helping you organize and prioritize them to create a plan that you are comfortably confident can be valuable to your growth and future.

Will all my sessions be with the same person, or will different team members meet with me?

For the most part, we pair students up with the same team member for their sessions, although there are times when you may initially meet with one of our other U-Crew members, or when more than one team member would be able to help on the road to owning your plans for what’s next.

Do you offer help for students who want to apply to schools internationally as far as figuring out what kind of Visas are required and/or applying for those?

We are there for every part of the application process – we’re flexible and pretty patient and creative when it comes to looking at less straightforward processes. We’re always very happy to support you through any parts of applying to programs we can help with and committed to doing everything we can to connect you with any additional support you could use!

If I am just wanting to apply for a scholarship that I found, can your team members help with that type of application, or only with college/university applications?

Yes, we’d be more than happy to help with that. Reach out and set up a chat time with one of our team members and we’ll do our best to find a fun scholarship option or just plow through a need-based application!

What are some of the things I can do before I’m in 11th or 12th grade to help me be a great candidate for, or just even figure out, whatever I might want to do after highschool?

There are a myriad of awesome ways to both develop yourself as a person and help narrow down the overwhelming options of what to do once you’ve finished high school, and we’d LOVE to put you in touch with them. Whether you’re interested in an unusual job, internship, or co-op opportunity, volunteer work in fields and positions you might not know exist, or online mind puzzles that could get you some cash toward your future along the way, our database is chock full of ideas for high school students who want to build themselves up before it comes time for daunting decisions about post-secondary plans.

How do I know whether I am eligible for your free one-on-one support sessions?

The fastest way to figure this out is to reach out and chat with one of our team members, who will be able to help you determine if your unique situation means you may be able to get support at no charge to you. However, generally we are looking to help individuals who would not be able to afford this kind of support on their own, and who also are self-motivated (by things like your checking out our site and asking questions!) to pursue some kind of traditional or not necessarily traditional learning path beyond your high school education.

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