Schulich School of Music, McGill University

Program Length: 4 years

Location: Montreal, Quebec

Admissions Req: High School Graduate or equivalent. Audition and music references, plus minimum GPA depending on where you are coming from.

Highlight: Extremely professional and highly esteemed music program designed to help students develop artistically and establish themselves professionally. All of the performance programs give students a vast network of groups to connect with, as well as numerous opportunities to perform and venues to perform in. School is well positioned to match undergraduates with a variety of community-based paid performance jobs during their time in the programs. Very discriminating program in terms of admission, but also extremely welcoming any friendly in terms of information and visiting hours for prospective students to learn about the Music School, any of its programs, and about living in Montreal.

Cost: $6,000 (Quebec student) $11,000 (Canadian student form outside Quebec) $23,000 (International student) scholarships and FInancial Aid available)

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