Program Length: 4 years

Location: Toronto

Admission req: High School Grad w/70%+ Candidates are encouraged to include one Grade 12 U/M Arts course and/or one Grade 11 U/M or Grade 12 Business course in their Grades 11/12 course selection.

Highlight: A program focused on creative arts fields approached from enterprise development and entrepreneurship. Students choose two specific creative arts fields and focus on developing them using a functional business model, Program includes interdepartmental foundation courses in Creative Urban Space Planning first year, creating actual businesses in second year, taking 6 Business courses through the Ted Rogers School of Business Management, and doing a creative industry work placement for the 4th year. School often brings in creative industry guest speakers from places like Ubisoft Games and Sid Lee Creative Agency.

Cost: $7,600CAD/year (Canadian students) $29,000CAD/ year (Int’l students)

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