Residential School K-12

Program Length: 4 weeks – 6 month volunteer positions

Location: Bangalore, INDIA

Admissions Req: 18+ Rigorous application process

Highlight: Empowering children from generational poverty through 17 years of free residential education intervention. Program starts at 4 years old and provides an excellent education — rigorous academics, leadership skills, and global values — right through Grade 12. Graduates get jobs at places like Amazon, Deloitte, Ernst & Young, Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, and Mercedes-Benz, and give 20-50% of salaries back to families, communities and other children in need, creating a ripple effect and impacting thousands. Established and very well-respected program. Documentary on Netflix (Daughters of Destiny) and other impressive press as well. Be a part of entirely changing a life, and change your own in the process!

Financial: Just Travel (All room and board paid)

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