US Dept of Energy

Program Length:
Summer Program–10 weeks
Applications accepted:October -January
Fall Program–16 weeks
Applications accepted:March -May 
Spring Program–16 weeks
Applications accepted:July-October

Location: 1 of 17 Laboratories across the US

Admissions Req: 18+ US citizens or Permanent Residents —
2nd year+ Univ students from any accredited university or college program. It’s a bit of a complicated program, so be sure to keep on top of the key dates!

Highlight: STEM career research experience at one of 17 participating laboratories around the US, sponsored by the DOE (US Department of Energy). Research interns spend 10 weeks (summer) or 16 week (fall/spring) at a DOE laboratory engaged in a research project under appointed scientist or engineer. Students receive a stipend of during internship and may also be reimbursed for round trip domestic travel (1X) to host laboratory. Participants must also make either an oral or poster presentation on the outcome of their SULI related research activities, submit a 1500 – 3000 word research project report, a general audience abstract, and a one-page peer review of another SULI intern’s talk or poster. Still have questons.. check out their FAQs! Apply now to further your research skills!

Financial: PAID! $500/week stipend + (possibly) round trip travel to lab!

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