Program Length: A four-day competition the week after Father’s Day in June

Location: Ringer Stadium, Wildwood, NJ

Admissions Req: Kids ages 7-14 who have won a local championship

Highlight: Why lose your marbles when you can play them? This simple game, where players push marbles to gain points by knocking their opponents’ marbles out of a specified zone, is fun and can be highly competitive. You may think that this is just a local neighbourhood past-time of pre-computer-game yesteryear, but no! The National Marbles Tournament, is an opportunity for youth aged 7-14 who have won a local championship to improve and show off their game nationally!  At the National Marbles Tournament, housed in Ringer Stadium, competitors play a total of 1200 matches over four days in June — and set in a pretty sweet sand, boardwalk, and amusement park location. A couple of winners of this marbles tournament now receive scholarships that they can later use for college, but it’s more about the experience and bragging rights! The rules are simple, and applications are accepted year-round, but the deadline to compete in a given year is June 10th. Check out the history in this video to be further inspired on how to play. What are you waiting for? Use your marbles and Register to the National Marbles Tournament today! Don’t let your marble-ous skills go to waste.

Financial: $0

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