Program Length: 4-12 weeks

Location: San Juan Islands of Washington State

Admissions Req: Middle School, High School, Undergraduate, and Graduate students

Highlight: Non-profit Conservation Biology Lab in San Juan Islands of Washington State. Founded by Native American tribal leader in 2006, Kwiaht means “place that has been kept physically clean and spiritually healthy”. Use the latest scientific research methods in ecology, Biochemistry, and genetics with respect for indigenous values to design and carry out research projects collaboratively. Many diverse initiatives available to join. Also have apprenticeships for recommended students in gr. 6 and up as well as tribal scholarships. Proposals considered for relevant research projects from students from anywhere. Unique organization offering great resources and freedom, around designing or taking part in impactful environmental research

Financial: No fees to volunteer. Some living stipends available for approved research projects. Scholarships available for tribal apprenticeship program.

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