Gap Year Program

Program Length: 1 year

Location: Brazil, Senegal, Ecuador, India

Admissions Req: Graduating Senior, and applications accepted from current Juniors (grade 11) students and interest forms from 9/10 students (Current Univ students not eligible). Admissions process screens for genuine interest, motivation, and resilience.

Highlight: Award-winning and innovative company whose mission is to “make choosing a ‘bridge year’ normal. Apprenticeship programs located in Brazil, Senegal, Ecuador, or India designed to build a real global perspective born from humility and curiosity. Students have week long pre-departure training in addition to a month- long orientation in the country before starting the official apprenticeship. Partners include: Allegheny College, Colby College, Dickinson College, Lafayette College, and Tufts University (accredited 4+1 Program).

Financial: $32,500 USD
80% of fellows receive some financial aid. Both merit and need based aid. 30% of students to date received full scholarships. Committed to making experience financially accessible

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