French Immersion Program

Program Length: Explore! 5 weeks in Spring or summer
and Explore Youth 3 weeks in summer

Location: Participating Universities across Canada

Admissions Req: Explore Youth: 13-15 Explore! Min. grade 11 (16 years old) through post-secondary students; must be Canadian permanent resident or citizen and a full time student for at least 1 term during current school year.

Highlight: If your a student living in Canada and you’ve been hoping for an immersive and cost-effective opportunity to improve your French, starting from wherever you are, Explore may be just the program for you! In addition to a three or five-week tailored French immersion program, all students admitted to both Explore and Explore Youth receive a bursary that covers the tuition, materials, room and board and all mandatory activities! Participating universities are located across Canada (from Nova Scotia to BC) and students are entered into a random computer draw for their university program location. Grow a second (or third or fourth) language skill that can give you a boost in both career and social contexts for years to come!

Financial: Registration ($300-500), travel costs, and misc expenses. $2,800/$2000 bursaries from Explore! and Explore Youth covers all major expenses. Registration fees vary by university.

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