Innovation Essay Scholarship

Sponsoring Institution: Herrman & Herrman

Type: Innovative Scholarship Contest                                                                                                                                                                  2 @$2500  2@$1500  2@$1000  (1 recipient in each category from Texas and one from the US at large)                                            PLUS 2@$1000 (1 for each  teacher the two 1st place winners)

Eligibility: Open to high school juniors and seniors, and students enrolled in 2 or 4 year colleges or universities in the US

Application Deadline: Start accepting essays March 1st. Deadline for entries is December 1st (but they reserve right to impose a cutoff and will no longer accept applications). Winner announced Dec 22nd.

Highlight: Innovative Scholarship Contest sponsored by Texas Law firm looking to support youth achieving career goals through education. Submit a creative entry in any format such as a video, poem, infographic, essay, piece of art, or song addressing the following hot topic, along with a short teacher nomination paragraph (since if you win, you win money for your teacher, too!):

What safety measures can schools implement, nationwide, to reduce the number of shootings that occur within schools?

Winners are selected based on creativity and originality , so go wild! Contest opens in March 1st and deadline isn’t til Dec. but… Cutoff may be imposed, so submit early!

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