Sponsoring Institution: C.S.T. Consultants Inc

Type: 25 @ $6,000 Bursaries and 10 @ $10,000 Founder’s Awards

Eligibility: Bursaries – Canadian citizens or Permanent Residents entering a full-time undergraduate programs at a recognized Canadian post-secondary institution.

Founder’s Awards – Canadian students accepted to the first undergraduate program at a recognized Canadian post-secondary institution

Application Deadline: Late May. (Winners announced in August).

Highlight: 25 NEEDS BASED BURSARIES given to students who are first- generation students who have been accepted to a post secondary program and demonstrate financial need.

10 NEEDBASED SCHOLARSHIPS that may be for students who are going to college, but also may be for students who already graduated post- secondary schools. We are not clear on this.

There are lots of need-based scholarships for students across Canada.

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