Sponsoring Institution: C.S.T. Consultants Inc

Type: 2 @ $6,000 Scholarships and 6 @ $2,500 Bursaries

Eligibility: Bursaries – Canadian citizens or Permanent Residents entering a full-time undergraduate programs at a recognized Canadian post-secondary institution.

Scholarships – Canadian students accepted to first undergraduate program at a recognized Canadian post-secondary institution

Application Deadline: Late May. (Winners announced in August).

Highlight: 6 NEEDS BASED BURSARIES given to students who demonstrate community involvement, academic excellence, and show a career objective that will positively impact Canadian society.

2 NEEDBLIND SCHOLARSHIPS set up in memory of Karthiha Guruparan, a summer student who worked at C.S.T. each summer and Bill Winsor, a CST Branch Manager. Awarded to two well-rounded Canadian students, one male and one female, accepted to any recognized program anywhere!!! Preference is given to students with parents with no postsecondary degree, or one from outside of Canada.

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